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#RecycleRight information

Find out all about changes to recycling and our new #RecycleRight campaign.

Help your environment by learning the new #RecycleRight routines and diverting waste from landfill.

We can all do our bit to make Lismore the recycling capital of Australia!

Why has recycling changed?

Recycling is complex and there are many reasons why we have asked residents to change their recycling habits at home.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions on the #RecycleRight campaign and discover the 'why' behind our new recycling routines.

Try our magic compost

We collect food and garden waste and turn it into compost for your home garden, farm or orchard.

We are proud to have a closed loop organics system.

You can purchase our compost by the 15kg bag, trailer or truck load.

Get your free waste voucher

We offer free waste vouchers to all residents and businesses.

Don't dump your waste on charities or harm our environment by illegally dumping.

Everyone can dispose of waste for free... apply now for a voucher!