Our annual Waste Wise Schools Challenge

The Waste Wise Schools Challenge is a fun way for students to learn about the importance of sustainable waste management, and the impact that waste has on their environment through a range of learning experiences.

The Challenge is open to all primary schools in the Lismore Local Government Area, and provides schools with the opportunity to win funding to implement sustainability initiatives, with two major prizes of $1000 on offer. Supported by the Lismore City Council's Waste Education Officer, the Challenge includes a free excursion to the Lismore Recycling and Recovery Centre as well as a range of other activities as outlined below:

What’s involved?

Waste Wise Warm-up activitiy – teaching resources supplied.

School waste audit and action plan with visit and assistance from Lismore City Council (LCC) Waste Education Officer

Visit the Lismore Recycling and Recovery Centrea free guided excursion to see what happens to your waste. Other waste or environmental education activities also available on the site.

Act upon the ideas generated by the audite.g. bins, posters, surveys, assembly items, videos, newspaper articles, waste free lunch events and many more waste wise ways.

Host a School Waste Wise Toura revisit by the LCC Waste Educator to help students re-audit and judge a winner by taking a look at what waste wise actions you have achieved.

Create a Recycled Sculpturesculptures displayed at Lismore Show and judged through a people’s choice competition.

NB: This Program is aimed at Stages 2 and 3, however smaller schools who wish to involve all students can be accommodated.

A package of teaching resources will be provided to schools upon registration.

The 2017 Waste Wise Schools Challenge is now open for registration. For more information contact Council on 1300 87 83 87 or fill out the registration form attached and return via email.

Information Package and Registration Form