Resource Recovery Collection Satchels are part of our recycling revolution

Resource Recovery Collection Satchels are the way of the future for collecting problem waste.

Problem waste includes household batteries, reading glasses, corks, CDs and DVDs, X-rays, mobile phones and accessories, small electronics (such as cameras, iPods and calculators) and printer cartridges.

Many years ago we introduced some of the first collection stations in Australia, enabling people to dispose of these items so we can recycle them and keep them out of landfill. Resource Recovery Collection Satchels take the concept one step further, with easy bags that you can fill with problem waste at home, seal up and place straight in your yellow recycling bin.

The Resource Recovery Collection Satchels are collected and taken to our Materials Recovery Facility (MRF). The satchels are easy for staff to identify during the sorting process and are removed from the recycling stream.

The items are then manually separated for further recycling. For example, reading glasses are given to the local Lions Club to send to impoverished nations around the world while old X-rays go to the Scouts, who recycle them and raise funds for their activities. Used printer cartridges are sent to Planet Ark to be recycled into plastic products and mobile phones are recycled through the Mobile Muster.

Resource Recovery Collection Satchels will help us recycle 100 tonnes of these mixed products every year.

Resource Recovery Collection Satchels are free and can be picked up from Revolve Shop at 313 Wyrallah Road, East Lismore, Council’s Corporate Centre at 43 Oliver Avenue, Goonellabah, and from the Lismore Library at 110 Magellan Street. They are also available at selected primary schools.