Explore two beautiful stands of local rainforest

Rainforest Walk

This walk is through the oldest part of the gardens, with well-established dry and subtropical rainforest trees and understorey plants. Each section is signed and individual trees are labelled.

This is a delightful place to walk – well shaded and with great variety of plants and bird life. There are several tracks or “discovery trails” off the main path, which lead the more adventurous deeper into the rainforest. There are also two picnic areas within this part of the gardens.

Wilson Park Planting

This is an area of young dry rainforest, replicating the trees in the nearby Wilson Park Reserve. This is a wonderful place to see local rainforest trees while they are still relatively small. The winding bush track through this section will take you past over 200 hundred species of local plants. Being adjacent to the eucalypt forest it is not uncommon to see koalas in this vicinity!