Help stop illegal dumping in our community

Lismore City Council needs your help to stop illegal dumping in our community.

Illegal dumping is the disposal of waste on public or private land or into water without a licence, permit or approval from the relevant authority such as Council or the EPA. It varies from small bags of rubbish in an urban environment to larger scale dumping of materials in isolated areas, such as bushland. Commonly dumped items include garden waste, building waste, asbestos, household rubbish and household items such as furniture, whitegoods and mattresses.

Illegal dumping is a crime and costs our community thousands of dollars every year, with ratepayers' money used to clean up dumped waste that could be better spent on positive community initiatives. It also contaminates land for our local wildlife, encourages weed infestation in our nature reserves, and looks unpleasant. Those found guilty face fines from $4000 minimum up to $1 million.

If you witness someone dumping waste or come across dumped waste, report the issue immediately to Council on (02) 6625 0500 or online at








Dob in a Dumper reward scheme

Council rangers and compliance staff are trained in the use of surveillance cameras, which target hotspots around the Northern Rivers. However, often the best way for us to catch illegal dumpers is when the public report it.

You may be eligible for a reward of up to $250 if you provide information that leads to a successful prosecution of an illegal dumper in court. To be eligible, you must be prepared to give evidence in court.

Information provided is treated in strict confidence and includes the following conditions:

  • Any information leading to the prosecution of an individual caught illegally dumping may result in a reward of $250.
  • Lismore City Council can decide if a payment should be made to an individual or be shared.
  • The claimant must provide information in writing and sign a document.
  • If asked, the claimant must be willing to attend Court and act as a witness for the prosecution.
  • ALL information relating to the incident must be lawful and directly lead to a successful prosecution.
  • Lismore City Council will decide on the action it will take, dependent on each individual case.
  • The reward payment will only be made when all procedures and legal actions are complete. This includes appeals and payment of the fine by the dumper.
  • Lismore City Council employees and their relatives are not eligible for the reward.

If you Dob in a Dumper, please follow these important safety rules:

  1. Don’t approach vehicles or individuals dumping waste.
  2. Try not to let the dumpers know you are recording their details.
  3. Don’t touch the illegally dumped material for your own safety. It also allows us to take fingerprints if required.


Please don’t dump at op-shops!

People dumping unsaleable items at local charities is costing Council and local charities money and creating unnecessary work for volunteers.

Anything that can’t be re-sold by charities can be taken to the Lismore Recycling & Recovery Centre where it will be placed in the Revolve Shop, recycled or taken to landfill.

Please donate responsibly.