Information on our #RecycleRight campaign and your yellow recycling bin

Our recycling industry is constantly changing and we all need to be flexible and adaptable to make the most of our valuable resources.

There are far tighter controls on the contamination of recyclables than ever before so it is vital that we are placing the correct materials in the right bin.

Lismore City Council's campaign #RecycleRight was developed with NE Waste and our neighbouring councils as a region-wide campaign across the Northern Rivers.

The main message is to keep it simple and ensure you are only placing clean and correct recycling materials in your yellow recycling bin. It is essential that we have clean recyclables that we can send off for remanufacturing in Australia and overseas.

If we all do this, we can keep our resources coming ‘round and get the most life out of every product. Please find below our six easy-to-follow #RecycleRight recycling routines.

You can also download the #RecycleRight Fridge Magnet (our quick recycling guide) or pick one up free at our Corporate Centre at 43 Oliver Avenue, Goonellabah, or at the Lismore and Goonellabah Libraries.

You may also find the resources below useful to familiarise yourself with the recycling routines.

#RecycleRight Information Sheet

#RecycleRight Keep It poster

#RecycleRight Keep Out poster

Frequently Asked Questions about #RecycleRight


Your six #Recycle Right recycling routines

#1: Keep it Simple

Only recycle household items made of plastic, glass, steel, aluminium, paper and cardboard.

Tip: To know what goes where get a magnet for your fridge! Pick one up free at your local Council office or library.


#2: Keep out Soft Plastics

We need to keep out all soft plastics including plastic bags, soft plastic packaging, cling wrap, pasta packets, bread bags, biscuit trays etc. We can no longer accept bags of soft plastics or soft plastics of any kind in the recycling bin.

Tip: Take your soft plastics to major supermarket ‘Redcycle’ collection points – this way you can still avoid placing them in the red landfill bin. Even better, avoid plastic altogether by using your own reusable bottles, containers and bags.


#3: Keep out Small Items

Do not place anything smaller than a credit card into your recycling bin including bottle lids, bread tags and straws. We can no longer accept these, even if collected together in an old milk bottle. If it’s smaller than a credit card, keep it out.

Tip: Put small pieces of paper or cardboard in your green organics bin, and other small items in your red landfill bin. Larger lids such as the lids off yoghurt tubs can go in your recycling bin on or off the container.


#4: Keep it Safe

Keep it safe for our MRF workers and our machines. Keep out anything hazardous that can harm our workers or anything that can stop or damage the machines, particularly things that can get wrapped around the machinery such as strapping, cords, clothing, hose, netting, wire, building materials, chemicals and other hazardous materials.

Tip: We accept small problem waste through our Resource Recovery Collection Satchels including household batteries, corks, CDs and DVDs, electrical cords, mobile phones, prescription glasses, printer cartridges, smoke detectors, x-rays and small e-waste such as calculators and handheld games. Resource Recovery Collection Satchels are free to pick up at your local Council office or library. You can also drop-off household problem waste such as car batteries, fire extinguishers, gas bottles, oil, paint and large e-waste such as computers, laptops and TVs free of charge at the Lismore Recycling & Recovery Centre. There is a 20kg/20-litre limit after which fees apply.


#5: Keep it Clean

Keep it clean by rinsing or wiping out your containers of any food or drink. You can also Keep it Clean by keeping out items that will contaminate your recycling bin. This means NO food scraps, NO nappies, NO dirty paper or cardboard, NO meat or biscuit trays, NO coffee cups or lids, NO clothing or fabric, NO soft plastics and NO polystyrene.

Tip: To know what goes where get a magnet for your fridge! Pick one up free at your local Council office or library.


#6: Keep it Loose

Don’t bag or box your recyclables – just place them loose into your recycling bin. Things move quickly along the conveyor belts at the MRF and there is no time for staff to sort out bags or boxes.

Tip: Clean recycling means you don’t need to line your kitchen recycling bin and can just put them in loose!