Our recycling innovation is helping Lismore become a model of sustainability

We pride ourselves on being environmental and industry leaders in resource recovery, and have implemented a number of initiatives that are working towards the goal of Lismore being a model of sustainability.

Materials Recovery Facility

In May 2014 we opened our Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) to enable recyclables to be processed locally instead of sending them to Queensland. The MRF uses a series of screens to sort materials and we also have a team of workers from the House With No Steps who manually sort recyclables into individual streams so the materials can be baled for sale.

Glass Processing Plant

In May 2014 we also opened a Glass Processing Plant in conjunction with the MRF. The plant uses imploder technology and is one of only two plants of this kind in Australia. The plant crushes glass down to create glass sand that is transported to Council’s Blakebrook Quarry for use in road base and asphalt.

We used glass sand for the first time in June 2015 on a 500m section of road near Numulgi Hall with excellent results. The glass sand will now be used in all road base going forward, and the only issue will be can supply keep up with demand.

The Glass Processing Plant has a broad environmental impact as conventional glass recycling is costly and requires significant technology to separate different coloured glass for re-processing, with a high loss rate due to breakage. When turning glass into sand, we can crush everything together, regardless of the colour or type of glass.

As well as ensuring more glass can be recycled and therefore reducing transport miles, transforming glass back into sand reduces the need to mine as much virgin material for road base and asphalt, decreasing road resealing costs as well as limiting truck movements on the road.

Resource Recovery Collection Satchels

We have currently exhausted our supply of Resource Recovery Collection Satchels and are now conducting a review to determine the effectiveness of this program.

In the interim, residents can drop items off free of charge at the Community Recycling Centre at the Recycling & Recovery Centre on Wyrallah Road or drop them at designated places such as Officeworks.