Recycling your electronic waste

Unwanted computers, computer accessories and televisions can be dropped off for recycling at the Lismore Recycling & Recovery Centre free of charge. Under a program called TechCollect, electronic waste is recycled into many components which can have another useful life instead of going to landfill.

The types of products covered by TechCollect are:

Computers and computer products

  • Personal computers
  • Laptops, notebooks, palmtops and tablets
  • Computer monitors
  • Parts for personal computers e.g. internal hard drives, motherboards, cards, internal power supplies, CPUs, DVD and CD drives
  • Computer peripherals e.g. mice, keyboards, joysticks, game-pads, scanners, web cameras
  • Printers e.g. ink-jet, dot matrix, laser and multi-functional devices

These items can also be recycled but a fee may apply:

  • Mobile phones
  • Game consoles e.g. Microsoft Xbox or Sony Playstation
  • Video recorders
  • DVD players
  • Radios/stereos
  • Power tools
  • Appliances/microwaves
  • Universal power supplies

Please note: Collection is for the general public and small businesses only; not commercial quantities. Heavily damaged or dismantled equipment may be classified as waste and a fee may apply. And please remember, it is your responsibility to delete any data from your devices.

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