We have several specialty gardens offering unique experiences for visitors

Sensory Garden

The most recent of the specialty gardens is the Sensory Garden. This is a beautiful natural environment where people are encouraged to use their senses of smell, sight, hearing, touch and taste. It is a place to excite and stimulate both kids and adults, but also a restful place with little sheltered alcoves where people can be alone with the beauty of nature.

We are utilising plants which have interesting textures, colours, perfumes and shapes. Most of the basic structures are in place, the pond is being landscaped and plants are going into the main garden beds. This garden is wheelchair accessible and offers a lovely experience, even while it is still under development.

Useful Plants Garden

This interesting garden is full of plants that have been used for food, medicine, clothing, tools or shelter, originally by the local Indigenous people of the area, and more recently by European settlers.

The plants are well labelled and large illustrated signs provide information about many of the trees and shrubs. This garden has several winding paths and a small pond, adding interest to the discovery of the plants. An audio sign with further information is planned for the future to provide a more educational experience for visitors to the gardens. A “wind-up” audio sign, providing information about indigenous plant use and featuring the voices of local Bundjalung elders, is an educational attraction for visitors to the gardens.

Uncommon Plants Garden

In this section are plants that are no longer common in the wild or which have proved difficult to grow. It is of particular interest to those with a serious interest in local rainforest species and the history of the Big Scrub.