Your green organics service

To make it easy for residents to recycle their food waste, we operate a BIOcycle composting system, which combines a kitchen caddy with compostable liners to assist in the collection of food scraps inside the home.

Caddies can be used with Council-approved Compost-a-Pak liners as these meet the standards for commercial composting. Of course, you can also have no liner or use newspaper to line your caddy.

Our aim is to recover and recycle as much organic material as possible so we can turn it into nutrient-rich compost that can be utilised by residents and local farmers.

Replacement caddies and liners can be purchased from the following locations. Caddies are $8 and a roll of compostable bin liners is $6.50.

  • Lismore City Council Corporate Centre, 43 Oliver Avenue, Goonellabah.
  • The Revolve Shop at the Lismore Recycling & Recovery Centre, 313 Wyrallah Road, East Lismore.
  • Nimbin Visitor Information Centre, 3/46 Cullen Street, Nimbin.

Only Council-approved Compost-a-Pak caddie liners can be placed into your green organics bin, as others may not comply with the required composting standards.


Why not degradable bags?

There is a difference between degradable and certified compostable bags. Certified compostable bags, such as Compost-a-Pak bin liners, break down via composting using moisture and heat to decompose. The bi-products of decomposition are simply water, sugar and carbon dioxide. Only these products are accepted in our green organics bins.

Degradable bags do not break down by composting and require sunlight to decompose. Degradable bags take a long time to decompose if there is a lack of sunlight so they are unsuitable for composting. Lismore City Council does not accept degradable bags in the organics bin.

Alternatively, you can line your caddy with newspaper or have no liner at all!

For information, see our Compost Kitchen Caddy Liners Fact Sheet